FF Script SM - an investment game project that provides services for earning and advertising.

The player, the user, is the person who uses the services provided.

Account - a record containing information that the user reports about himself when registering and further changing.


Changes to the terms of the user agreement may be made without prior warning to users.

If the user violates the terms of the user agreement, FF Script SM reserves the right to restrict access to certain functions or refuse to maintain the account with the loss of all data.


The user is solely responsible for the security (resilience to the selection) of his chosen password, and also independently ensures the confidentiality of his password.

Comply with the terms of the user agreement.

Do not register more than one account.

Provide truthful information about your personal data.

Do not use attempts to deceive FF Script SM and other users.

Do not attempt to crack FF Script SM and other user accounts.

Do not try to disrupt FF Script SM

Report to the technical support service about any malfunctions or errors found.

Do not publish offensive messages to FF Script SM and other users.


Comply with the terms of the user agreement.

Do not disclose confidential information to users.

Timely provide services and technical support to users.

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